Visiting Fellows

Fall 2010

Yasuo Deguchi,
Department of Philosophy, Kyoto University

Activity Realism: a New Approach to Realism Issues from the Perspective of Scientific Measurement

Yasuo Deguchi is Associate Professor of Philosophy at Graduate School of Letters, Kyoto University. He studied at Kyoto University and LSE, and  obtained his doctorate at Kyoto on Kant. He co-authored several books and published many papers in such topics as Kant’s and Skolem’s philosophy of mathematics, Bayesian epistemology, and the methodology of clinical trials. His current research centers on scientific realism, statistical inference, and Asian philosophy.
Deguchi at Fallingwater

Michael J. Shaffer

St. Cloud State University, MN

The Confirmation of Scientific Counterfactuals

Michael Shaffer is Associate Professor of Philosophy at St. Cloud State University in Minnesota. He earned his Ph.D. at the Universities of Miami in philosophy. He has published many papers in epistemology, the philosophy of science, logic and the philosophy of mind. One focus of his current research is on the epistemology of counterfactual claims in the sciences. He has held an NEH fellowship at the University of Utah, a Lakatos Fellowship at the London School of Economics and will be a fellow of the Rotman Institute of Science and Values at the University of western Ontario during the Spring term 2011. He is currently working on several book projects.