The Opening Celebration Conference was held on June 26-27, 2010.  Thanks to all who contributed to make it such a huge success!

The Fall 2010 colloquium series is now posted.  Speakers include Robert Batterman, Graham Priest, Brian Skyrms, Timothy Williamson, and Kevin Knuth.

The 2010 Nagel Lectures will be delivered by Brian Skyrms on Oct. 19 and 21.

There will be a workshop on Bounded Rationality and Heuristics organized by Horacio Arlo-Costa and Ralph Hertwig in Decenber.  Again, stay tuned!

Our Fall Visiting Fellows are Yasuo Deguchi, Kyoto University and Michael Shafer, St. Cloud State University.  Welcome!

The Episteme annual conference on Social Epistemology will be held at the CFE in Summer 2011 in coordination with Alvin Goldman and Christian List.  Stay tuned..

The CFE Annual Workshop will be held in the Summer of 2011 jointly with Munich's new Center for Mathematical Philosophy at the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich in coordination with Hannes Leitgeb.  The projected topic is Acceptance: Probable Pegs in Logical Holes.  Stay tuned..

Center Overview

In October 2009, the Center for Formal Epistemology was founded to promote research and educational exchanges in Formal Epistemology worldwide. The Center adopts a broad perspective on Formal Epistemology, including philosophically and formally informed, interdisciplinary work in the following areas:

  • bayesian epistemology,
  • belief revision,
  • causation,
  • decision and game theory,
  • philosophical logic (conditional, epistemic, erotetic, dynamic, etc.),
  • formal learning theory,
  • formal approaches in cognitive science,
  • formal theories in the philosophy of science,
  • history of formal epistemology,
  • implicature and pragmatics,
  • philosophy of mathematics,
  • philosophy of statistics,
  • social epistemology.

  • Center activities include:

  • a Visiting Fellows program,
  • a graduate exchange program,
  • a Summer School in Logic and Formal Epistemology for prospective graduate students,
  • an annual, Focused Workshop in Formal Epistemology that rotates in topic,
  • an annual Colloquium Series in Formal Epistemology.