CFE Opening Celebration Schedule

Saturday, June 26

Logic, Language, and Causation

Sunday, June 27

Probability and Credence

8:30-9:00 Mark Kamlet, Provost
John Lehocsky, Dean of H&SS
Richard Scheines, Head, Dept. of Philosophy.
Opening Remarks
9:00-9:50 Hans Kamp
Back and Forth Between Language and Thought
Stephan Hartmann
Confirmation and Reduction: a Bayesian account
9:50-10:40 Paul Egre
Vagueness:  Tolerant, Classical, Strict
Branden Fitelson
The Problem of Irrelevant Conjunction --- Revisited
10:40-10:55 coffee break coffee break
10:55-11:45 Wilfried Sieg
Structural Proof Theory: Uncovering Aspects of the Mathematical Mind
Hannes Leitgeb
Reducing Belief Simpliciter to Degrees of Belief
11:45-2:00 lunch lunch
2:00-2:50 Johan van Benthem
Logical Dynamics of Information and Interaction
James Joyce
2:50-3:40 Rohit Parikh
Behavior and Belief
Teddy Seidenfeld
Getting to Know your Probabilities:  Three Ways to Frame Personal Probabilities for Decision Making
3:40-4:00 coffee break coffee break
4:00-4:50 Brian Skyrms
The Concepts of Information and Deception in Signalling Games
Wolfgang Spohn
A Guided Tour through the Cosmos of Ranking Theory
4:50-5:40 James Woodward
Causal Learning and Causal Judgment: Covariation and Contact Mechanics
CFE round table discussion
5:40-6:30 happy hour CFE round table discussion
6:30-8:00 conference dinner, Schatz dining room free