Alpha Kappa Psi members can take advantage of many leadership development opportunities through the national
Success Institutes, the Academy, and the College of Leadership.

The organization of Alpha Kappa Psi is democratic in form. Government is by a National Chapter composed of representatives
from college and alumni chapters assembled in periodic National Chapter meetings. The National Chapter elects
the National President and National Vice Presidents, and enacts legislation. During the interim period between
National Chapter meetings, the affairs of the Fraternity are administered by a Board of Directors, National
Management Team, Chief Executive Officer, and National Office staff.

Members form meaningful friendships with a multitude of people, from fellow students to faculty to local business
leaders. The importance of social skills is emphasized with a variety of activities. As a result, a great deal of
personal growth and satisfaction is achieved, which carries well into the business world.

Every member has an equal voice in the management of both the local chapter and the national organization.
National conferences provide platforms for idea exchange, adoption of new legislation, and determination of
future policies of the Fraternity. Overall communication within the organization is guided by chapter advisors,
regional directors and national officers.

The main focus of Alpha Kappa Psi is to provide leadership development, personal and professional training,
and the fundamental ingredient higher education misses... experience. By developing a program of presentations,
educational programs, community service, and a hands-on application of their formal education, our students
use the business skills they are taught in the classroom to acquire life skills such as the art of compromise,
consensus building, project management, team building and networking.

Alpha Kappa Psi encourages each member to improve his or her campus and community. Combine that with a whole
fraternity chapter performing a community or business school service project, raising money for charity, or
organizing a philanthropic event and you get a level of service unmatched by other college organizations.
Thousands of hours and thousands of dollars are contributed to worthy charities by AKPsi chapters each year.
Now that is making a difference!

Professional Development
When one joins Alpha Kappa Psi, he or she joins an elite group of professionals who are committed to keeping
their skills sharp and their careers on track. We accomplish this through national and local professional
programs. Our national programs include the Success Institutes, the Academy, and the College of Leadership.
Our members gain many skills on the local level as they operate their chapters as "corporations." Alpha Kappa
Psi members are the best and brightest business students who use these skills as stepping stones into the
"real world."