Class Information

These courses are provided through a partnership between Staff Council and Human Resources.

All classes are held 5:15 - 6:00 pm at Whitfield Hall, 143 N Craig Street.

The classes start with a warm up, continue with the evening's focus, and end with a cool down.

Changing space is available.

Show for as many or few session as you like!

You might find the following items are useful:

You must have a completed registration form on file to attend the class.
Normally the class is held Monday - Thursday throughout the school year. We cut back a little in the Summer since folks have healthy activity options. You should always check the current schedule for cancellations and such.

Monday - Focus on Strength

Tuesday - Focus on the Mind

Wednesday - Focus on the Heart

Thursday - Focus on Flexibility

No Classes on Friday

Other classes which are sometimes taught

About the Instructors

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