Pennsic Schedules

Hi Folks! Below you will find links to PDFs for the Pennsic Schedules The file has been majorly redesigned from an original supplied to me by Alana (mka Marybeth) Griffin. Print this out double sided on 8.5x11 paper, taking care not to allow the program to change the size to "fit to page" and such. Lop the pile in half at 5.5", and pile them together. Fold the pile (works better 1-3 pages at a time) and sew or put a string around the fold to keep the pages together.

I've included a "no cover" version which is meant to be printed in addition to special cover sheets, also included below. If there is a group you would like to see a group addition, let me know and i'll see if i can manage it before pennsic.

The artwork for the groups were stolenborrowed from the AEthelmearc Roll of Arms and Territorial Arms of the Knowne World Web pages. Check them out, they're a great resource.

Custom Booklets

  • Generic Schedule no cover (print this and a cover from below!)
  • Just the cover pages

  • Aethelmearc
  • Ealdormere
  • East
  • Middle (slight error, just print the first 2 pages of this)
  • Meridies
  • Completely Blank Cover AKA Bribe a Scribe!

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