TITLE : Graduate Student


Multi-level Design, Cognitive Science, Computational Synthesis, MechanoBiology

Paul Egan, Ph.D. Candidate

is interested in advancing the field of Engineering Design by integrating perspectives from Computational Synthesis, Cognitive Science, and Biophysics. These fields are bridged within a research project aimed to further knowledge of Multi-level Design spanning across scales of time, space, and information.

Paul is primarily advised by Dr. Jonathan Cagan and collaborates closely with Dr. Phillip LeDuc of CMU Mechanical Engineering and Dr. Christian Schunn, a Psychologist from the University of Pittsburgh.

Paul graduated from Oklahoma State Univeristy with Degrees in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering which included additional majors in Applied Physics and Philosophy. He is currently an NDSEG (National Defense Science and Engineering) fellow and a recipient of the National Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship in 2008.

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