Doctoral Alumni

Katherine Fu, Design Team Convergence, Finding Design Analogies

Ian Tseng, Unification of Stylistic Form and Function

Manish Agarwal, Supporting Automated Design Generation: Function Based Shape Grammars and Insightful Optimization  - now Senior Vice President at AXA Equitable Life Insurance Co

Chandankumar Aladahalli, Improved Pattern Search Algorithm Using an Objective Function Effect Based Move Schedule for 3D Component Layout– now Engineer at GE India

Matthew Campbell, A-Design: An Agent-Based Conceptual Design Methodology – now Associate Professor at University of Texas at Austin

Lindsay Hanna, Combinatory Adaptive Optimization with Multi-Agent Systems – now engineering at Veryst Engineering

Jay McCormick, Implementing Parametric Shape Grammars to Capture and Explore Product Languages) – now Assistant Professor at U Idaho

Jarrod Moss, The Role of Open Goals in Noticing Relevant Information in Problem Solving ) – now Assistant Professor at Mississippi State University

Jesse Olson, The Collective Potential: Achieving Organizational Potential by Design – now engineer at Northrop Grumman

Seth Orsborn, Quantifying Aesthetic Preference Through Statistics Applied to an Agent-based Shape Grammar Implementation – now Assistant Professor at Bucknell University

Linda Schmidt, An Implementation Using Grammars of an Abstraction-Based Model of Mechanical Design for Design Optimization and Design Space Characterization – now Associate Professor at University of Maryland at College Park

Kristina Shea, Essays of Discrete Structures: Purposeful Design of Grammatical Structures by Directed Stochastic Search – now Professor at Technische Universitaet Muenchen, Germany.

Simon Szykman, Optimal Product Layout Using Simulated Annealing (5/95) – now Chief Information Officer at U.S. Dept. of Commerce

Hubert Vasseur, Manufacturing Quality and Process Capability: a Cost-Based Analysis – now Engineer at Renault

Xiangyang Xin, Product Innovation in A Cultural Context - A Method Applied To Chinese Product Development – now Assistant Professor and Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Su Yin, A Pattern Search-Based Algorithm for Automated Product Layout – now Engineer at Smiths Aerospace

Master Alumni
Ashwini Asokan, Design Languages for Cultural Context
Hillary Carey, A Corporate Decision Model of the Product Design Process
Drew Degentesh, Effective Computational Structural Design and Analysis
Saurabh Deshpande, Agent-Based Optimal Process Planning (
Quan Ding, Optimal Packing of Automobile Trunks
Ashish Kolli, Layout of Non-linear Shapes 
Gyuho Kwak, A User-Interactive Optimizing Routing Algorithm,
Rosa Lopez, Quality Estimation Through Neural Networks
Luis Oms, Investigation of Hip Fractures in the Elderly and Hip Pad Solution 
Shashvat Prakash, Hierarchical Method for Approximating MEMS Analysis
Giridhar Reddy, Topological Generation of Truss Structures 
Julie Reyer, Computer Aided Systems Simulation
Jamie Rugnetta, Innovative Design of Walkers for Elders
Erika Wetzel, Understanding Chaos in the Design Process
Andrew Whittam, Formal Criteria for Robust Optimality


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