GOOOOOOOOOOL!!! (10 (ten) O's - it makes it hard to find online if there are a multiple spellings) started in 1999. For a long time now, there have been plenty of great pick-up games at the beginning of the Fall semester at Carnegie Mellon; but before long, the big crowds stopped showing up, it got harder and harder to find a game, and those who continued to look decided there should be some organization. So a few people put together an electronic mailing list and soon decided they might as well become an official organization.

What the GOOOOOOOOOOL!!! leadership (presently Robert Hunter) does is determine how many pick-up games to organize each week and when to have them, based on attendance and polling, and then invite the members to show up to the games. The GOOOOOOOOOOL!!! members show up to games, play soccer, and occasionally provide feedback on how they think things are going. We have tossed around ideas including having a tournament or two, raising money for charity, and doing some soccer oriented outreach, but we haven't brought any of them to fruition.

There are more than 200 people on the email list, about 25 that show up regularly that are on the email list, and sometimes as many as 60 that show up to play that are not members. We have no requirements at all as far as membership goes. You don't have to be a member to play. There's no cost to join. Becoming a member just means adding your email address to our list. You can subscribe to/unsubscribe from the list at