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Past Events

11.18.04 :: Intern Adventures
This was a great event, with a group of students representing every year. Sonjala from the Career Center came and informed people about the services she can offer us and sponsored pizza for everyone! We then had 11 speakers speak a little about their design experiences this past summer, followed by a question session. For the speakers, it was a great chance to practice speaking about their experiences. For everyone it was wonderful to hear what others had done, (to learn from their successes and mistakes,) and network amongst ourselves. The freshmen and sophomores made connections with juniors and seniors that can offer advice since they were in their shoes just a few years ago. A list was given out of all the speakers and their contact information so people can follow-up with questions at a later time. The feedback was that this event was very useful, especially to the younger years so we hope that this event will be held again next year.

Upcoming Stuff

February trip to Chicago
Career Days at the end of February

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